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iPhone 4 already in some customers' hands

Some people who preordered iPhones have already begun receiving them even though the devices were scheduled to arrive Thursday.

An iPhone 4 owner received his phone Tuesday, two days ahead of schedule.
An iPhone 4 owner received his phone Tuesday, two days ahead of schedule. Gil Cabrera/Twitpic

"Xmas has come early because my #iPhone4 just arrived," Gil Cabrera wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

He was one of the few already reporting that their new iPhones are arriving via FedEx two days earlier than planned.

The earliest iPhone 4 preorders were supposed to arrive Thursday, the first day the device is available to the general public. Earlier it was reported that some Apple customers have begun receiving notification that their iPhone 4 may arrive a day early, Wednesday. But some have clearly started arriving even earlier than that.

Cabrera followed up his initial Twitter post about his iPhone 4 by noting that he can't actually activate and use the phone just yet.

"Oh cruelty! Apparently, the #iphone4 arrived in error early and I cannot activate it until tomorrow! That's just wrong!"

The iPhone Download Blog is reporting that AT&T is texting some customers with instructions about how to activate their phones.

Update 2:50 p.m. PDT: Cabrera e-mailed to say that after speaking with an Apple customer service supervisor over the phone, his iPhone 4 is now activated.

It's still a mystery how he and several others received their iPhone shipments two days early. Cabrera said he received a call from FedEx Tuesday asking if he'd received a package that day. When he said that he had, the FedEx representative said, "OK, thanks," and hung up, Cabrera said.

FedEx has not yet responded to a request for comment.