iPhone 3G camera slide show

CNET takes the iPhone 3G's camera out for a test drive.

Kent German Former senior managing editor / features
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Kent German
Taken with the iPhone Kent German/CNET Networks

While testing the iPhone 3G's GPS feature yesterday, we also took a few pictures with its camera. As we said in our iPhone 3G review, image quality is improved over the original iPhone, but it's far from being a top-notch camera phone. On the whole, interior shots and photos under blue or partly cloudy skies fared better than shots taken in bright, overcast conditions. Detail shots were decent, even if the iPhone 3G two-megapixel shooter lacks a zoom or any editing features. For full details check out our iPhone 3G camera slide show. Or to compare how the iPhone 3G stacks up against other camera phones, see our camera phone image gallery and peruse our slide show from the original model.