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iPhone 3G arrives in 20 more countries Aug. 22

Twenty countries in Europe, South America and Asia will get the iPhone 3G on August 22.

iPhone 3G
Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

As Apple COO Tim Cook told us last month, the iPhone 3G will land in 20 more countries August 22. Several carriers made their formal announcements this week, including Telefonica and America Movil. Those rivals will overlap in eight Latin American countries. As of this writing we know 17 of the lucky 20 nations, which are listed below. Reuters is predicting that Singapore's SingTel will also join the mix, but the carrier has yet to confirm that report. After August 22, an additional 28 countries are scheduled to get the iPhone 3G before the end of the year. We'll bring you that news as soon as we get it.

August 22 releases

  • Argentina - Telefonica and America Movil
  • Chile - Telefonica and America Movil
  • Colombia - Telefonica and America Movil
  • Czech Republic - O2
  • Ecuador - Telefonica and America Movil
  • El Salvador - Telefonica and America Movil
  • Estonia - Eesti Mobii Telefon
  • Guatemala - Telefonica and America Movil
  • Honduras - America Movil
  • Hungary - T-Mobile
  • India - Bharti Airtel and Vodafone
  • Paraguay - America Movil
  • Philippines - GlobeTelecom
  • Peru - Telefonica and America Movil
  • Poland - Orange and Era
  • Romania - Orange
  • Uruguay - Telefonica and America Movil