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iPad tops iPod trade-ins 2-to-1 on eBay

New data released by the company shows that iPads are outpacing iPods as part of the company's gadget trade-in program.

iPads are out trading all iPods combined as part of eBay's trade-in program. (Click to see the full infographic.)
iPads are out-trading all iPods combined as part of eBay's trade-in program. (click to see the full infographic)

New data put out by eBay this morning shows that consumers are trading in more than double the number of iPads than iPods as part of the company's gadget trade-in program.

The tidbit accompanied news that eBay is giving Apple owners a bigger trade-in value for broken iPhones, iPads, and iPods. As part of the promotion, which coincides with Earth Day, those who trade in their nonworking gadgets can get up to $150 for a broken iPad, $100 for an iPhone, and $50 for an iPod. eBay is also doling out a $5 gift card, and a matching $5 donation to Global Green USA to those who make a trade-in before April 30.

To go along with the promotion, eBay has published an infographic, similar to the one it did for iPad 2 sales from last month that breaks down how Apple gadgets have been trading as part of the program's release in October. Based on eBay's data, iPhones continue to be the top traded-in item among Apple gadgets, fetching 71.3 percent of trade-ins. Coming at a distant second are iPads at 20.5 percent, and iPods at 8.5 percent.

According to a company representative, a big reason for the iPad's more than 2-to-1 lead over all iPod models combined has been the push for iPad trade-ins both at the program's launch, and around the release of the iPad 2 last month. Just ahead of the iPad 2's launch, the company announced that more than 38,000 iPad offers had made for those looking to trade in the original model.

Interestingly enough iPad models with 3G have been a far more popular trade-in compared to Wi-Fi-only models. eBay reports that 64.8 percent of the iPad models traded in sport 3G antennas.

Of the iPhone models, the iPhone 3G leads trade-ins at 41.3 percent, followed by the 3GS at 36.8 percent. Just 14.7 percent of iPhone trade-ins are the iPhone 4, which eBay will pay up to $380 for if it's the top capacity model, and in working condition. Unsurprisingly, the iPod Touch leads the way among all iPod models, followed by the Nano, Classic, and Shuffle.

eBay's Instant Sale program differs from its auction services by giving gadget owners a way to trade in items for cash. Users describe the quality of their item, and eBay picks up the shipping cost, as well as the job of wiping whatever data is on it. So far eBay says that 3.3 million trade-in offers have been made since the program's launch. Along with Apple devices, the program also accepts other electronics, though the company says iPhones, iPods, and iPads have been the majority of trade-ins.