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iPad to get iOS 4.2 in November

Multitasking for the iPad is finally on its way...but not for another couple of months.

iOS 4.2 will finally give iPad users multitasking.
iOS 4.2 will finally give iPad users multitasking.

iPad owners: Are you feeling left out by all the iOS 4.1 love on the iPhone 4 and the new iPod Touch? Don't worry, you're being remembered. Unfortunately, you still won't get multitasking till November.

During Apple's music event, Steve Jobs gave a brief preview of iOS 4.2, the iOS update that will finally bring the iPad up to speed. In November, the update will finally bring the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad up to the same iOS version, and it will also bring Game Center to the iPad.

Other new features revealed were few and far between, other than the multitasking that iPhone 4 users already enjoy. Wireless printing and AirPlay, a wireless streaming function that will work with music, photos and video. Not much information was given, but it seems like a nice addition. Unfortunately, some of our iPad iOS 4 fantasies don't seem to have been met. Maybe they still will (fingers crossed).