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iPad tips: Organize and manage apps

Create folders, delete apps, and move apps to the dock to keep your iPad apps organized.

One of the first stops you'll likely make with the iPad is the sprawling App Store. Before too long, however, your iPad will have pages and pages of apps. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create folders, delete apps, and move two more apps to the dock.

With iOS 4.2, Apple introduced folders, which are great tools to reduce the number of screens you must swipe through to find an app. To create a folder, tap and hold an app icon until it starts to wiggle. Without letting up your finger, drag the app onto the top of another app, and a folder will be created. Apple will suggest a name for the folder, which you can rename. To add more apps to a folder, simply drag them in. To remove an app from a folder, just tap and hold and drag it to a spot outside the folder.

Dragging an app on top of another one creates a folder. Matt Elliott

In related news, you can delete an app by tapping the X in upper-left corner of a wiggling app icon. Don't worry, you'll be prompted to Delete or Cancel the action before the app is actually removed.

Lastly, you can add two more apps to the dock at the bottom of the screen. These apps stay visible on the screen as you swipe from one page to another. Four apps are placed in the dock by default--Safari, Mail, Photos, and iPod--and the iPad allows you to drag two more apps onto the dock. You can also drag apps out of the dock, should you want a different selection than what Apple offers out of the box.

The iPad has four apps in the dock from the start but has room for two more. Matt Elliott

Once you are done creating folders, deleting apps, or dragging them on and off the dock, press the Start button to save your changes.