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iPad on the ceiling? RingO mounts it in a snap

The RingO Universal Tablet Mounting System from Vogel's secures your iPad or Galaxy Tab to walls, cars, and even the ceiling.

RingO Universal Tablet Mounting System
One mounting ring to rule them all.

If you ever wanted to move your iPad from the living room wall to the back of a car seat and then onto the ceiling, RingO is for you. The RingO Universal Tablet Mounting System from Vogel's is all about making your iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab easier to view in a variety of settings. It comes in two parts: a cover and a mount. The cover snaps onto the back of the tablet. The built-in round aluminum connector hooks up with any of a variety of mounts.

The $69.99 starter pack includes the case and a wall mount. The wall mount looks a bit like a hockey puck, but it's low profile enough to not throw off the feng shui in your living room. Once the tablet clicks into place, it can be rotated around. It might not impress like a wall-mounted 55-inch flat-panel TV, but you won't accidentally sit on the Galaxy Tab that you left on the sofa, either.

But why stop with walls? The car mount hooks up to the back of a headrest to provide endless hours of Pixar movies to the kids in the back seat. The flex mount would be right at home in the kitchen. That way, Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals app can follow your every move.

The mounting doesn't end there. Slap the adhesive mount onto your bathroom tile so you don't drop your $850 iPad into the toilet. A table stand and flip stand round out the options. Vogel's promises that compatible covers will eventually be available for more tablet models. There's no word on whether or not a certain British drummer might be interested in an endorsement deal.