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iPad bridesmaid attends wedding via FaceTime

Bridesmaid attends her friend's special day from more than 1,500 miles away via a white iPad 2 and FaceTime.

iPad bridesmaid
A groomsman walks the iPad bridesmaid down the aisle.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

It's a good thing Apple came out with a white iPad 2. It fit in perfectly with the decor of Jonathan Alberico and Jamie Wilborn's wedding in Denver, Colo. Bridesmaid Renee Armstrong was 1,500 miles away in Richmond, Va., at the time, but she still got dressed up and appeared in her best friend's wedding party--via an iPad and FaceTime.

"Unfortunately, the economy sucks. She just didn't have the means to make it out to Denver. It was absolutely devastating when we found she couldn't come," the bride told CNET. As she sat around mulling over her options, the iPad idea came up.

A groomsman carried Armstrong's virtual presence down the aisle and she had a front row seat to the vows. "I got all teary-eyed during the ceremony, and I couldn't have got that from pictures," says the virtual bridesmaid in a video shot by wedding attendee Jamie Goswick.

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You can hear muted giggles from some of the guests at the start of the ceremony as Armstrong's iPad is escorted along. That was probably due to the Max Headroom effect. "Everyone agreed that it was a super cool idea," Goswick says.

A gadget disaster was narrowly averted after a slightly tipsy groomsman dropped the iPad during the wedding rehearsal. "The next morning, one of the bridesmaids ran to Apple and they took care of it for us," says the bride. The FaceTime call got dropped twice, but the groomsman was able to dial Armstrong right back into the ceremony.

Armstrong was able to pose for photos with the other bridesmaids and join in the festivities from afar. "Thank you, technology," said the bride on video. And thank you Steve Jobs.