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iPad, BlackBerry tie for share of Web consumption

Each accounts for roughly 0.1 percent of overall Web use in North America.

iPad iOS mobile use

After a little more than two months, Apple's iPad accounts for about the same amount of Web consumption in North America as RIM's BlackBerry, according to data to be released by Quantcast on Wednesday.

As the above chart shows, the iPad now accounts for 0.1 percent of all Web use, not just the mobile Web. BlackBerry devices also account for 0.1 percent, and a host of other devices (including the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo portable gaming systems, and devices based on other operating systems like WebOS, Brew, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile) combined to account for yet another 0.1 percent of Web consumption.

All Android devices have about a 0.25 percent share of Web consumption. Together, Apple's iOS-based devices are responsible for about 1 percent of North American Web use.

Quantcast released data on Monday that showed almost 60 percent of mobile Web use comes from iPhones and iPod Touches. The data analytics firm says it doesn't consider the iPad "strictly speaking a mobile device," which is why it is not--and will not be in the future--included in the data concerning mobile Web use.

The iPad's rise in popularity has been swift. Apple said it sold 2 million of the touch-screen tabletsin two months since it went on sale. Data from analyst firm DisplaySearch released on Tuesday shows customers are beginning to consider it in favor of other ultramobile devices and that it is moving in on Netbooks' share of the PC market.

This post was updated at 10:35 p.m. PDT to correct iOS devices' total share of Web consumption.