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iOS 7, iTunes Radio give Apple new spice

The OS makeover for iPhones and iPads arrives, along with a new challenger for Pandora. It'll also take some work to get the new iPhone 5S on Friday. Despite all the Apple hype, though, BlackBerry doesn't shy from announcing a new phone.

CNET Update is adapting to change:

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It's a new day for Apple as iOS 7 rolls out, giving iPhones, iPad and iPod Touches a major makeover. Be sure to read the full iOS 7 review to get acquainted with the changes, and do some prep work before updating.

CNET's How-To team is also compiling tips and tricks for using new iOS 7 features, including the camera app, gestures and iTunes Radio. Even if you don't have an Apple device, you can still access iTunes Radio through the new iTunes software, version 11.1.

This episode of CNET Update also looks at Pandora's iPad redesign that launched hours before iTunes Radio. Expect many apps to get a refresh over the next few days, with icons getting a new paint job to match the aesthetics of iOS 7.

If you rather get iOS 7 on the new iPhone 5S, it'll be a challenge to get your hands on one right away on Friday. You may have more luck with shorter lines at a carrier store, or head online after midnight Friday to order one and avoid stores altogether. The brightly colored iPhone 5C should be much easier to find in stores.

As for the new "Space Gray" color in the iPhone 5S, it could also be coming to iPads. Images leaked online show an iPad Mini with the new color. The Apple site is already selling iPods in this darker shade. Apple is basically Space Graying all the things.

And in the midst of all this Apple hype, BlackBerry is having a strange day. After unveiling the new Z30 smartphone, reports surfaced that it will be cutting 40 percent of its workforce. But the company is still kicking, announcing that BlackBerry Messenger apps will be coming out for iOS and Android this weekend.


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