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iOS 5 upgraders reporting installation hiccups

Some users attempting to install Apple's new iOS 5 software are reporting problems getting it onto their devices, from actually downloading the software to getting iTunes to run the update.

An error when trying to update an iOS 4 device to iOS 5.
An error when trying to update an iOS 4 device to iOS 5.

Despite getting off to a smooth start, some users are experiencing problems upgrading to Apple's latest version of iOS.

Numerous users on Twitter and Apple's support forums are now reporting issues downloading the new version of the iOS software. The Next Web notes that most users with problems are getting a 3200 error, with the message that an "internal error" occurred, and that the upgrade process has been canceled as a result.

Other users--including at least one CNET editor--have run into problems after successfully downloading the update, with iTunes spitting out an error message as the file was extracted.

This is not the first time an iOS update has brought hiccups for first-day upgraders. Last year's iOS 4.0.1 rollout, a minor update that adjusted how the iPhone calculated and displayed its signal bars to users, resulted in many people not being able to install the update on top of the initial version of iOS 4.

Apple did not immediately respond to a query about the issues. We'll update this post when we know more.

Update at 2 p.m. PT: Razorianfly points out that you can grab the firmware update file directly from Apple if you were planning to do a restore, and are experiencing slowness on the download through iTunes.

Below are direct links to those files, which you can use to update your device by holding Alt (Windows)/Option (Mac) and clicking the "restore" button in the iTunes iOS device summary screen, then pointing to the file that matches up with your device. Worth noting is that this will wipe your iOS device to factory settings, so either be patient if you plan to use the update button in iTunes, or back up your device in iTunes first.