Iomega eGo external hard drives get colorful

Iomega announces the new generation of its eGo portable hard drives that have higher capacities, better protection, and are available in for different colors.

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Dong Ngo
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The new midnight blue eGo portable hard drive from Iomega. Iomega

If you're impressed by the previous generation of Iomega's eGo external hard drive, you'll probably like this one better.

Iomega announced Monday the worldwide availability of its new generation of eGo portable hard drives that feature a new look, up to 500GB of storage, and multiple colors including ruby red, sparkling silver, midnight blue, and black.

All of the models have USB 2.0 and are bus-powered, meaning you only need to carry a single cable that works as both the data and power cord. The included cable is a Y-shape USB cable that lets you use two USB ports at a time for machines that can't power the drive from a single USB port.

These hard drives come in an anodized aluminum case that's a little more than half an inch thick and weighs less than 7 ounces. They sport Iomega's Drop Guard feature that protects data on the drives from drops of up to 51 inches, according to Iomega.

The Iomega eGo BlackBelt has even more impressive drop protection and comes with a black eGo Power grip belt and Drop Guard Xtreme that protects against drops from up to 7 feet.

All of these drives also come with backup software for Windows and Macs and have three-year warranties. Apart from the Iomega BlackBelt that's available in June, the rest of the new eGo portable hard drives are available immediately.

Prices vary depending on the capacity. The drives start at $85 for a 250GB version, and the 500GB BlackBelt model is $149.