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Intuit discounts Quicken as MS Money fades

Finance software maker announces a variety of short-term discounts in the wake of Microsoft's discontinuation of its Money product.

With Redmond discontinuing Microsoft Money, Intuit is offering a series of discounts aimed to lure more folks to use its Quicken personal finance product.

In a blog posting, Intuit said it is offering the discounts on Quicken products through the end of July to all users, not just the Money users left in the lurch.

Aiming to lure Microsoft Money users, Intuit is offering a series of discounts on Quicken through the end of July. Intuit

Specifically, Intuit said that it is offering $20 off on Quicken Deluxe (now $39.99) and $30 off Quicken Premier (now $59.99). It is also chopping $30 off its Home & Business product and $50 off its Rental Property Manager product. The company is also touting its free Quicken Online product.

Although Quicken is already the market leader in the personal finance space, Intuit clearly sees a chance to move in for the kill now that Microsoft is exiting the space.

Intuit also reiterated that it is working with Microsoft to try to improve Quicken's ability to import large amounts of data stored in MS Money.

"We've been working closely with Microsoft to develop an easy-to-use way for MS Money users to transfer years of financial information into Quicken products," Quicken said in the blog. "We'll keep working on it."

As first reported by CNET News last week, Microsoft plans to halt sales of Microsoft Money at the end of this month.