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Introducing DJ Hero (do we need another Hero?)

Forget new consoles: if game publishers had their wish, we'd stick with the system we have and just buy endless peripherals.

No more Heroes.

Forget new consoles: if game publishers got their wish, we'd stick with the system we have and just buy endless peripherals. Activision's latest announcement in its ever-growing Hero series is DJ Hero, a new game focusing on the joys of being a turntable-spinning club god.

While the idea could be pretty fun--in fact, Konami already semi-explored it in Beatmania--the new turntable accessory, while pretty, is yet another plastic device to tuck under the television and get dusty.

Activision claims that a big part of DJ Hero is the live remixing of popular songs across genres, as would be expected. If that means mashups, then this could get pretty wild.

Regardless, let us reflect for a moment on the plastification of modern gaming. This generation's peripheral count is skyrocketing--DDR mats, cameras, Wii Fit boards, wheels, Wii MotionPlus dongles, big-button game show controllers, and a tremendous plastic band list of guitars, drums, mikes and extra bass pedals. About the only thing we're missing is a synthesizer, a cowbell, and a didgeridoo. Count up the amount you'll spend on old and new versions of all these plastic tzochkes, and it'll make any grown person cry.

No pricing has been announced yet for the game's debut this fall, but it'll obviously cost more than a game that had no peripheral at all.

(Via Kotaku)