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Your Google account sign-in will look different next week

No, you're not crazy. Yes, it looks different. No, it's not a phishing scam.

Google's updating its current account sign-in (left) to a new design (right).  

Back in 2014, Google announced Material Design, a visual language to help bridge its Web and Android user interfaces. Google has been updating its G Suite apps since then, such as the new Gmail unveiled in April, and is now changing up a small, but crucial tool you use all the time: The Google sign-in page. 

As of June 14, you'll notice a new Google logo, an outline around the text field and center alignment of all items on the screen, Google said in a post on the G Suite blog

So if you notice the change next week, don't freak out. It's just Google "expressing brand and style through elements like color, shape, typography and iconography."