Wow, much value: Dogecoin seals New England real estate deal

Don't forget to bring your favorite memecoin to closing.

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Eric Mack
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Wow. Doge is very much value.

Know Your Meme

Wow. Real estate moguls turn into much doge moguls.

This week a seller in Providence, Rhone Island, accepted a digital mountain of Dogecoin in exchange for a vacant lot in the city in what may be the first real estate deal negotiated with the trending cryptocurrency that started as a joke in 2013.

"It was 150,000 Dogecoin, which equates to $50,000," realtor Kyle Seyboth, who handled the deal for the unnamed seller, told local TV station WJAR. "At the time that the purchaser goes into contract, that's the price you're paying at the time and the price you're paying at closing, so I think it's interesting that the seller could make out better or the buyer could make out better depending on the fluctuation of the value."

Dogecoin has experienced an exponential surge in value over the past several months, thanks in part to the support of celebrity boosters like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. During his turn as host of Saturday Night Live over the weekend, Musk discussed Dogecoin while in character as "financial expert Lloyd Ostertag," calling the digital money "a hustle" before shouting the popular refrain of Doge holders: "To the moon!!!"

Musk's company SpaceX announced the following day that it accepted Dogecoin as payment for an upcoming lunar mission.

As of this writing, Dogecoin is enjoying another surge in value on the news that leading crypto exchange Coinbase will list the coin.

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