World Emoji Day gets weird and wild on Twitter

From Waffle House angst to a farting airplane, here are the most entertaining #WorldEmojiDay tweets.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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When it comes to imaginary holidays, World Emoji Day is a fabulous excuse to celebrate. The ubiquitous illustrations we use to convey feelings like happiness, anger and love for doughnuts are now taking over Twitter , one smiley face at a time.

The US Army wished everyone a happy World Emoji Day Tuesday with an image of soldiers running up a hill with grimacing yellow faces in place of their real ones.

NASA got in on the fun by offering an emoji brain teaser, using the symbols to describe all the planets of the solar system in order. 

Iconic blue muppet Cookie Monster expressed love for his favorite emoji: the cookie, not surprisingly. "For @MeCookieMonster, there's only one emoji that truly matters," wrote Sesame Street.

Some people got creative by building images and words out of emojis. Dolly Parton's official Twitter account shared a combination of musical notes, hearts and butterflies that formed a big red heart with "Dolly" at the center. 

Puerto Rico rendered its flag using round emojis and a single star emoji.

Fans of the TV series Lost can reminisce about the show by reviewing the entire plot as told by emojis from the @TheLOSTFans Twitter account. No, it doesn't make the ending any clearer.

Breakfast restaurant chain Waffle House is using World Emoji Day as a platform to lobby for a waffle emoji. It started with a sad tweet reading "Wish we could celebrate #WorldEmojiDay.... #wheresthewaffleemoji" and escalated to a full-scale pleading.

As part of a longer message, Waffle House wrote, "In the myriad of emoji choices the waffle has gone completely unrepresented." The chain acknowledges that a waffle emoji is a candidate for the next official round of approved emojis, but it also asks its fans to call on Unicode, Apple and Google to get behind the waffle. 

Perhaps the oddest tweet of all comes from an unlikely place, Tampa International Airport in Florida. The airport posted a photo of a United passenger jet taking off with an Apple "dashing away" emoji coming out of its rear. 

"Pardon me if I was rude, it was not me, it was my fuel," wrote Tampa International, turning the emoji into a fart joke.

Way to go, Tampa International Airport. You win World Emoji Day!

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