Oscar Mayer superhero delivers hot dogs by jetpack

I wish I was a flying wiener-wielder.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

First there was the Wienermobile. Then came WienerDrones, Wienercycles and Wiener Rovers. But hot-dog maker Oscar Mayer decided it needed to deliver the dogs in James Bond-style, so now we have a freakin' jetpack on the scene.

Oscar Mayer, never one to shy away from a bizarre sausage-marketing stunt, introduced Super Hotdogger this week. The helmeted hero zooms around wearing a jetpack and delivers frankfurters carried around his waist in custom zippered hot dog holding pouches.

Super Hotdogger is flying with an assist from a machine created by JetPack Aviation, a company specializing in personal vertical take-off and landing vehicles. The jetpack has a custom paint job to match the Oscar Mayer colors.

Super Hotdogger made a public appearance in New York City on Monday and is scheduled to appear in Chicago sometime in July, so the airborne wiener deliveries are actually happening in the real world.

"The future of flying hot dog delivery is bright," said Oscar Mayer brand manager Matt Riezman.


Super Hotdogger delivers hot dogs kept in special pouches.

Oscar Mayer