Valentine's Day Revenge: This Shelter Will Bury Your Ex in Cat Piss

It's what your former flame deserves.

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Meara Isenberg
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Valentine's Day dredging up pissy thoughts of a former flame? Consider burying your ex under a mound of stinky kitty litter. 

An Ohio animal shelter is offering the opportunity to do that this Valentine's Day. Sort of. 

In exchange for a $5 donation (that's about £4.16, AU$7.27), the Animal Friends and Humane Society will write the name of your ex in a litter box and give it to felines who will then happily bury your once-special someone with their smelly business.

The "Do you have a crappy ex?" fundraiser runs through Feb. 12, and the shelter will post a Facebook video showcasing submissions on Valentine's Day. "Don't spend this Valentines Day down in the dumps," the fundraiser says. "Instead cheer yourself up while making a difference for animals in need."

The website for the fundraiser shows an image of a cardbox box with litter pushed aside to reveal names like "Andrew," "Alex" and "Hope" written on the box's bottom. You can get your ex's name enshrined in a litter box by donating through Venmo or in person at the Hamilton, Ohio shelter. 

Valentine's Day revenge seekers can also commemorate the holiday by naming a cockroach after their ex, an offering by some zoos.