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Mystery UFO sightings in Cornwall have earthly explanation

A bizarre, swarming UFO "appeared" in multiple places over the English coastal peninsula, but it's not a sign of an impending alien invasion.

If you've been following social media posts from people in Cornwall over the last week, then you may think the alien invasion of Earth has begun in the English peninsula. Multiple seemingly unconnected people posted videos over Twitter and Instagram showing a strange, swarming formation hovering in the sky along with the hashtag #ufocornwall. But it wasn't aliens. It was likely the work of the Eden Project.

The Eden Project is a series of massive greenhouses in Cornwall with connected transparent domes filled with exotic plants. It's a visually stunning place and it's about to launch a new attraction called Journey Into Space, which includes an Astronaut Academy, an astronomy photography exhibit and something called "Alien Encounter." 

The swarming UFO videos seem to have been orchestrated by the Eden Project as a publicity stunt tied into the alien-themed part of the experience.

The Eden Project describes the Alien Encounter as "An alien spaceship has crash-landed at Eden, and its inhabitants are stranded here. We're working on a way to communicate with these mysterious life-forms -- can you help us decode their signals and language?" It sounds a bit like the 2016 movie "Arrival."

A tweet on Monday with a short video showing the swarm-UFO beaming down to the Eden Project seems to confirm the origin of the social-media videos. The Eden Project has not yet responded to a request for comment.

As far as marketing stunts go, the UFO sightings is a decent one. The Eden Project had the good sense to create an interesting-looking alien presence that mimics natural phenomena like insect swarms or a starling murmuration. Some people will be disappointed to discover the hoax, but never fear, there will always be more UFO sightings to enjoy.

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