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See the 10 weirdest things found at TSA checkpoints in 2017

From a dangerous fidget spinner to a face tenderizer, the TSA confiscated some truly oddball items from passengers in 2017.

US Transportation Security Administration checkpoint employees have to deal with an endless parade of banned pocketknives and liquids that exceed the allowable size, but sometimes their jobs take a turn for the strange and bizarre. The TSA posted a video on Wednesday showing the top 10 most unusual things found at checkpoints in 2017, and it's plenty weird.

The video is hosted by "Blogger Bob" Burns, who handles the TSA's online blog. He takes a hyperbolic approach to the list, calling a weird brass-knuckles contraption a "face tenderizer" and referring to a pair of grenades stuffed into shoes as an "aggressive odor eater."

It's no surprise 2017's big fad, the fidget spinner, made the list. TSA agents at Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport in Georgia found a passenger trying to take a sharply pointed version of a spinner onto a plane in a carry-on bag.

The list also includes some bizarre art pieces made with (hopefully inert) grenades, a throwing star, a scythe, a bone knife and blocks of narcotics hidden in festive holiday wrapping paper. 

Let this video be a reminder to leave your rifle-shaped umbrella at home when you go to catch a flight. Otherwise, you might end up on the TSA's 2018 weird-stuff list.