Trump tweets photo of his head atop shirtless Rocky body, jokes fly

The president's head on Sylvester Stallone's body? Go ahead, meme-makers, knock yourself out.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper

President Donald Trump is coming out fighting. On Wednesday, the president tweeted a famous photo of Sylvester Stallone as fictional boxer Rocky Balboa -- only this image had Trump's head where Stallone's should be. 

Cue the famed Gonna Fly Now theme song, because Twitter users pulled out their heavyweight jokes and memes.

More than one Twitter user saw a resemblance to a famous Simpsons scene where Homer does a little wishful thinking when he looks in the mirror and sees a ripped version of himself.

While others responded with different manipulated photos, including one of him in the ring with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

The original photo was a promo for 1982's Rocky III, but many made references to 1985's Rocky IV, which features the American boxer taking on Soviet boxer Ivan Drago. "Sorry, but Rocky beat the Russian," wrote one Twitter user.

The original photo was from Rocky III, but Trump tweeted his version on the 34th anniversary of the release of Rocky IV, an anniversary ESPN had pointed out in a morning tweet.

While the faked image seemed random to many, CBS Digital political reporter Grace Segers spotted a possible tie-in, writing, "This is a reference to a comment Trump made at his rally last night where he claimed that his doctors at Walter Reed had said: 'Show us that gorgeous chest.'"

Request granted. Kind of.

Originally published Nov. 27, 10:53 a.m. PT.