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This Atlas robot can do CrossFit better than you

The latest video from Boston Dynamics, Google's former research team, shows off exactly how nimble one of its robot is. And how much I'm not.

Boston Dynamics

They're going to take over our gym membership now too?

Just in time for the holidays, the researchers at Boston Dynamics published a new video showing that robots won't just be taking over our jobs. It turns out the team's Atlas "humanoid" robot, which measures roughly 5 feet tall and weighs 165 lbs, can jump onto boxes and do backflips way better than I ever will.

"Atlas' ability to balance while performing tasks allows it to work in a large volume while occupying only a small footprint," the company says on its site

This is just the latest step toward eventual robot domination of our jobs, of course. Robots until now have been largely relegated to manufacturing and industrial work, but analysts say that's just the start. While experts say the very idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger look-a-likes chasing after us isn't realistic, it is clear robots are inching (or jumping, in this case) ever closer to what we humans can do. 

Boston Dynamics in particular has become popular for posting YouTube videos showing off what its robots can do. 

Just a couple days ago, the company posted a video of its creepy robot dog running outside. In the past, the company has shown other prototypes doing various tricks, and even falling over.

The company, which used to be owned by Google parent company Alphabet, didn't immediately respond to a request for comment about what these new capabilities mean for Atlas specifically. But it's likely that being more nimble means the robot may be able to work in rougher terrain.

No word on whether owning an Atlas would count toward my CrossFit goals though.

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