This 'ghosted' texting Halloween costume is truly haunting

A skimpy costume tries to spook us with unanswered text messages.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Party City

Breaking up can be messy. In the age of technology, some people choose to deal with it by "ghosting," the act of suddenly stopping communication and disappearing into a silent, unresponsive netherworld. That questionable behavior has now been immortalized in a Halloween costume.

The Womens Ghosted Costume is available through retailer Party City in the US. It's a white hooded polyester dress with a jagged hemline meant to evoke the look of a retro bed-sheet ghost outfit. The front is emblazoned with message bubbles of unanswered texts, including "???" and "R U OK!?"

"Eager texters will know not to bother you in this Ghosted Costume," the description reads.

There are at least a couple of weird things about this costume, even when you look past the debatable "sexy" Halloween trend. For starters, it's only geared toward women, which leaves us to wonder why men are being left out. Ghosting can go both ways. 

Next, the costume shows the messages appearing in blue, which often (but not always) indicates outgoing text messages. So does that mean the person wearing the costume is the one being ghosted? Kind of confusing. 

The ghosting costume may not be as outright awful as the racy Handmaid's Tale costume that was pulled from online retail last week, but it's not exactly a shining example of Halloween creativity. How about you just freeze yourself in carbonite instead?

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