The Da Vinky meme: What is it and why is everyone tweeting about it?

TikTok twins mispronounce an artist's name and suddenly the Da Vinky meme is born.

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You can blame the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci for the Da Vinky meme.

The Louvre Museum

If you're perplexed about "Da Vinky" and the meme that's spreading on Twitter, you're not alone. Unless you're addicted to  TikTok , you probably have no idea the meme is about.

Da Vinky also-- also spelled Da Vinki -- began trending on Twitter after two Tik Tok users Chris and Patrick Vörös -- 27-year-old Hungarian Canadian twins -- known as the Voros Twins posted a video of themselves playing a trivia game where they answered questions live on Tuesday.

When the question "Who painted the Mona Lisa?" popped up the twins seems perplexed. So when they were completely stumped and couldn't provide an answer, the app told them it was the artist, Da Vinci (as in Leonardo da Vinci).

The twins responded with a perplexed grin as they mispronounced Da Vinci in unison as, "Da Vinky?"

Hence the birth of the Da Vinky meme. Twitter users ran with the Da Vinky meme. Take this screengrab from the 2010 movie The Social Network where Armie Hammer plays both Winklevoss twins.

Da Vinky even made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden

Here are some more Da Vinky memes, which many are just images of confused-looking twins.