Terrifying footage of Japan's strongest typhoon in 25 years

Roofs have been ripped off houses and trucks have been upturned as Typhoon Jebi leaves 160 people injured and 3,000 people stranded in Kansai Airport.

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Mark Serrels

The typhoon was devastating for Japan.

Jiji Press/AFP/Getty Images

They're calling Typhoon Jebi the strongest typhoon to hit Japan's mainland in 25 years, and it's left a trail of destruction in its wake.

The government issued evacuation orders for 49,000 people after the typhoon hit Tuesday. At least 160 people have been reported injured and nine people have died according to local reports.

Three thousand people were left stranded in Kansai airport, after a fuel tanker collided with a bridge that linked the airport to the city.

The footage has been terrifying.

Some of the video above, collated by YouTube user translated as Ma bu i (まぶい), shows Kyoto's damage at Kyoto's train station, damage which ultimately injured three people.

Roofs were ripped off houses, cars and trucks were upturned, as gusts reached speeds of 215 kilometres per hour, according to Japan's meteorological agency.