Sweden's Twitter account sheds citizen control after 7 years

@sweden has been run by a different Swede each week, with some quirky results.

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National Day in Sweden 2017

The people of Sweden have been running @sweden since 2011.

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Sweden will no longer let random Swedes control an official Twitter account -- a project that's been running since 2011.

When the Curators of Sweden project wraps up at the end of September, more than 365 people will have run the @sweden account for a week each. The account has sent 196,000 tweets and accumulated 146,000 followers.

Those in control of the account -- residents of Sweden and Swedish citizens abroad -- have been largely free to write whatever they want, as long as they don't break the law, promote a commercial brand or appear to be a security threat.


The Curators of Sweden project is winding down.

Swedish Institute

Its first curator, Jack Werner, earned himself the nickname "the masturbating Swede" after some frank tweets about his leisure activities, The New York Times noted in 2012.

A 2012 curator, Sonja Abrahamsson, caused controversy by asking a question with anti-Semitic undertones, according to the Guardian.

In 2017, curator Max Karlsson decided to correct President Donald Trump when Trump suggested that a major security incident had taken place in Sweden.

"Hey Don, this is @Sweden speaking! It's nice of you to care, really, but don't fall for the hype. Facts: We're ok!" Karlsson tweeted.

Erik Hansson, a Swede living in Germany, is currently running @sweden. He works as a translator and has been tweeting regularly about languages and translation.

The Swedish account inspired a similar one for Ireland in 2012, now in its 339th week.

The Curators of Sweden is run by the Swedish Institute, a public agency that works to increase the "outside world's confidence and interest in Sweden." The institute didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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