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See Japanese sumo robots clash in ruthless combat

Witness small but mighty sumo robots pull, shove, trip and smack each other out of a battle ring in a riveting video compilation.

Two robots step into a ring. Only one emerges triumphant. Immerse yourself in the blink-of-an-eye fighting world of Japanese sumo robots with a compilation video showing a series of dramatic battles. YouTube user Robert McGregor posted the video on Monday. The goal of each match is for one robot to push the other out of the ring.

Robot sumo wrestling has been around for years, but the best-of video compilation is quite an eye-opener for the uninitiated. These robots are fast, furious and brutal. 

Most of the matches last mere seconds. There are quite a few different strategies involved, whether it's using a scoop-like shovel, employing arm extensions or just engaging in simple brute-force shoving. 

There are two main types of sumo robots: pre-programmed autonomous bots and radio-controlled bots that rely on a human pilot. Either way, these plucky robots pack a lot of entertainment value into their short matches.

If you ever get a hankering to see these robo-athletes perform in person, then be sure to check out the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament

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