Spotify Instafest: Here's How to Create Your Dream Festival Lineup

Wondering how those made-up are created? Here's how you can make your own...

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Instafest poster featuring artists including Ariana Grande and Drake

Keen to create your own, personal festival? Here's how...


If you've been on social media over the last week or so, you've almost certainly seen a Spotify Instafest image.

They look like this...

Or this...

To be perfectly honest, the first few times I scrolled past thinking it was an actual, real-life festival. But after seeing them pop up everywhere, with dramatically different lineups, it clicked. Yep, this was another Spotify thing.

Instafest is a third-party app that hooks into your Spotify data to automatically create a fantasy festival lineup featuring artists you've been listening to on your Spotify account. Apps like Icebergify and Festify do pretty much the same thing.

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The main point of difference? Instafest just looks really nice. It's well designed and clean, and mimics the three-day style of most major festivals. It also allows you to mildly customize the look and feel of the poster.

The app was created by Anshay Saboo, a student at the University of Southern California, who's built a bunch of apps in the past, including one designed to help students keep track of their grades.

How do I create my own Instafest?

It's pretty straightforward. Simply head to the Instafest site, log on to your Spotify account and voila. Just be aware the app is drawing from your personal Spotify data.

Afterward, you can change a few settings. You can choose the style of the poster, along with the period of time the festival draws the data from to create the lineup.

It looks a little like this:

Instafest poster showing "Serrelsfest"

Please excuse the lineup. My wife listens to Christian music, and my kids have become obsessed with this dude called TheFatRat for some reason...


You can also hide your username before sharing, if you're worried about randoms checking your account.

My festival is an embarrassment, a complete embarrassment. Your mileage may vary.