Snapchat brings back chronological feed (for some people)

We don't know if this is permanent, but it's got its benefits over Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Mark Serrels Editorial Director
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Mark Serrels

Non-chronological social media feeds are condemned by most reasonable human beings. Facebook did it, Instagram did it, even Twitter is experimenting with different looks on a platform that's supposed to be about the here and now. 

Predictably, when Snapchat replaced its chronological feed with one driven by algorithms, users complained. Typically social media platforms implement these changes in an attempt to increase dwell time -- and it works -- but they tend to bury friends who don't post as frequently, or people you interact with less.

That's problematic for a number of reasons, especially for user experience. It also tends to encourage users to scroll endlessly, instead of stopping at the point when you last logged on. That is, of course, the plan if you're a platform holder: increased dwell time on social media is a powerful metric.

That being said, Snapchat has reportedly undone those changes for some users and brought back the chronological feed. It's unclear if this is a test, or part of a broader, permanent change. We've reached out to Snap for comment, but have yet to hear back.

Snapchat's design changes did contribute to an earnings and user growth in Q4, but many seem to be losing faith in the once-upstart social media platform.

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