Terrifying prank makes tourists think glass bridge is cracking

Watch as visitors to an adrenaline-junkie attraction in China's East Taihang Mountains think a steep glass walkway is cracking underneath their feet.

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Strolling across a glass walkway that stretches precariously above a valley far below can already be terrifying. But what if you suddenly saw the glass beneath your feet begin to crack?

In a rather horrifying prank, digital special effects were added to a glass bridge in Hebei, China, to give the appearance and sounds of shattered glass when walked across. 

A video posted Tuesday shows tourists being scared out of their wits when they thought they might fall through the "shattered" glass that looms 3,871 feet (1,180 meters) above a valley and stretches 873 feet (266 meters) long.

One of the poor victims falls to his knees thinking he might prevent more cracks. He didn't.

Some more adventurous tourists, including children, weren't so petrified of the effect and seem to have fun pretending to break the glass with their feet. 

The gimmick was so believable the East Taihang administration issued an apology assuring the public the cracks were just an "effect" to make the bridge experience more "provocative."

While the administration is "very sorry that people got frightened," the panels will not be replaced. After all, this sort of prank is to get more curious tourists out on the bridge to see for themselves how scary the sensation of cracking glass underfoot can be, especially when walking alongside a very tall mountain. 

Needless to say, this kind of attraction isn't for people afraid of heights (or of falling great distances to their deaths), but according to the video, the glass walkway is checked daily to make sure real cracks don't replace the fake ones.

Safety checks are key to glass walkways, especially considering that in 2015, the Yuntai glass pathway in Henan cracked for real. 

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