See Elon Musk bust out the awkward dad-dance moves at a Tesla event in China

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO probably won't get an invitation for Dancing with the Stars.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

This guy dances, too.

James Martin/CNET

No one will mistake Elon Musk for the next Fred Astaire, but the Tesla and SpaceX founder still busted out his best moves on stage at a Tesla event Tuesday in China. I don't care how well you can dance. If you choose to shake your tail feathers in public, you are a hero. 

Musk was proud enough of his boogie skills to post a clip to Twitter, writing "At Tesla Giga Shanghai NSFW!"

If you want to "Do the Elon," you will need to teasingly shake off your jacket like a low-rent Magic Mike, work your arms like you're trying out for The Bangles and then dad-dance your way into the finale. Mild rump-shaking is encouraged.

In keeping with the joking NSFW theme, Musk later tweeted: "Just tryin to grow my follower count on pornhub."

Musk was all hyped up about Tesla's advancements in China, which includes shipping out Model 3 electric vehicles made at its factory in Shanghai. That seems like a dance-worthy achievement.

Plenty of amateur dance critics assessed Musk's performance on Twitter. Many were supportive. 

"Same reaction for Elon's dance moves as the CyberTruck. At first you say, what??? Then it starts to sink in, next you fall in love with it," wrote Tesla fan John Hanna.

Some other Twitter users dropped words like "cringey" and "clumsy," but we can't all be Gregory Hines. We just won't expect Musk to add "dance school founder" to his extensive resume. 

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Originally published Jan. 6, 8:06 a.m. PT.