Rick Astley had a relatable first reaction to Rickrolling

The meme god who is never gonna give you up fielded some entertaining questions on Reddit.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Rick Astley shared proof of his identity for the Reddit thread.

Rick Astley

A single music video has left the entire internet in fear of clicking on an anonymous link because no one ever knows when it might dump them directly into Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up on YouTube. 

Rickrolling is a meme that won't die, but its subject, Mr. Astley himself, is cool with it.

Astley took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session on Wednesday, and naturally the subject of Rickrolling came up. A fan asked if he remembered when he first discovered he was a god among memes and what his reaction was. "My reaction was ... what's a meme?" Astley answered. He sure knows now.

The singer with the famous baritone voice and questionable dance moves also admitted to being Rickrolled himself, three times in one day by a very close friend. As to how it feels to be a living meme, he said it's preferable to being a dead one.

And just in case you were fantasizing about getting your RPG on with Astley, the musician says he's never played Dungeons & Dragons.

Rickrolling has been on a tear for over a decade. The official YouTube version of the 1987 song has racked up nearly 577 million views. You can bet quite a few of those came from unsuspecting internet suckers. 

If simply reading about Rickrolling hasn't gotten the song stuck in your head, you can enjoy it all over again (and on purpose) right now.