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Add these PlayStation 25th anniversary 'pajamaralls' to your holiday wish list

Or opt for some retro socks and Hawaiian shirts.

Hawaiian shirt meets PlayStation logo.

It's every fashionable PlayStation fan's dream. In honor of the console's 25th anniversary next week, it's teamed up with apparel company Shinesty to launch a clothing collection packed with retro logos and designs


Branded pajamaralls, anyone?


You can score a PlayStation-inspired onesie or pajamaralls (overalls made with sweatpants fabric, naturally), or some stylish multicolored socks. There's also a selection of black and colorful Hawaiian shirts to bring a pop of color to your wardrobe. 

You can of course add these stylish pieces to your collection of other branded items like Microsoft's Xbox onesie and The Sims clothing line from Moschino.