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Play-Doh for adults smells like smoked meat, overpriced lattes, mom jeans

Is this what middle-aged nostalgia smells like?

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper

Meat-scented Play-Doh is a thing now, because it's 2020 and anything goes.


This is not your childhood Play-Doh. Hasbro, the toy company behind the familiar modeling compound, is selling a new line of the product, with grown-up scents -- and some of them sound rather stinky. But the childhood-meets-maturity product is already sold out on Amazon.

The adult-scented Play-Doh is sold in a six-pack, with each can offering a different color and scent.

"Call us scent o' mental, but parenting has never smelled better," a representative for Hasbro wrote on an Instagram post introducing the product.

"Overpriced Latte" smells like coffee, "Mom Jeans" like "clean denim," "Grill King" smells like smoked meats, "Dad Sneakers" like rubber, "Spa Day" has a floral scent, and "Lord of the Lawn" smells like fresh-cut grass. Not sure a meat-scented Play-Doh was ever going to smell good no matter what chemicals were thrown into the mix, but hey, it might make a fun gag gift for someone who never quite outgrew the fun of squishing clay around.

Amazon doesn't list a price for the multipack, but ComicBook.com points out that it can be preordered for $10.99 at Entertainment Earth.

The original smell of Play-Doh (kinda salty, kinda reminiscent of your kindergarten classroom) is so beloved that it's even sold as a cologne spray by fragrance-maker Demeter.