Piano playing with LEDs is like Guitar Hero in expert mode

Watching people play piano with a reactive visualiser is extremely intense.

Mark Serrels Editorial Director
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Mark Serrels

YouTuber Rousseau is a pretty mean piano player. 

That's one thing. The other thing: playing piano in tandem with a Reactive Visualiser makes piano playing look like the most complicated Guitar Hero track ever made. Just watch this...

The upper half of this video is produced using After Effects, according to Rousseau, who posted it last week. He attached LEDs to his piano that connects using the MIDI output

Just the other day I was tinkering around with a family piano, considering starting lessons. This video has somehow managed to inspire me and make me want to quit while I'm ahead. Piano is hard, people.

It's an astonishing visual. Most of us hear music and have some understanding of how difficult it is to play a complex piece. This video and this Reactive Visual tool allows us to visually parse how insanely difficult some of this music is to play. 

Some people are really good at doing stuff.