Old Milk perfume smells like eau de rotten dairy

Swedish grocery chain Coop wants to gross people out to help reduce food waste.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

This is one perfume you won't want to wear around polite company.


Rotten milk. Just reading those words should bring the stomach-turning smell to mind. When moo juice goes bad, it lets you know. 

Swedish grocery chain Coop has created Old Milk perfume, an odious cologne that reeks of dairy that has lingered way past its freshness date. This oddball aroma product exists as part of Coop's efforts to reduce food waste

"With the fragrance Old Milk, we want to make people decrease their food waste at home, by helping them understand the difference between drinkable and undrinkable milk," says Anneli Bylund, Coop's acting head of sustainability. "Don't be afraid to smell, taste and look at the food before you throw it out."

Coop is encouraging people to trust their own senses rather than automatically tossing food that is past the date on the container.

Swedish residents can order up a funky-smelling sample of Old Milk from the Coop site. The rest of us will just have to be content with the memories of encountering a woeful whiff of the dairy of the damned.