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Memes toss first half of 2020 into the blazing dumpster where it belongs

It's halftime! Can the next six months be any worse? Wait, don't answer that.

Goodbye and good riddance, first six months of 2020. You were a dumpster fire of a half-year, with your global pandemic and your murder hornets, and the second half of the year better not be taking cues from you. July 2 marks the midpoint of most calendar years, since there are generally 182 days behind it and 182 days after it. (Since this is a leap year, there are 183 days behind us now.) 

As we turn the cursed calendar page to July, the internet was quick to try to find some laughs in the debacle that was January through June, and to envision what July through December might have in store for an already exhausted world.

Many memesters dredged up memories of the past horror show of a half-year. One showed a "history student in 2050 trying to figure out what the hell happened the first six months of 2020." Let's just say that particular history exam is going to run overtime. We mean this in the best possible way, but get thee behind us, first half of 2020, and stay there.

Plenty of people compared this moment with halftime in an American football game. We can make a comeback, but we're going to need luck, hard work and a helluva good halftime pep talk.

"The year is half over on Thursday," one meme noted. "The score, at halftime, 2020: 49. Humanity: 0.  2020 will receive the second-half kick."

Rest of the year, are you listening? We need a little breather. Some people circulated a calendar for the rest of the year that showed things not exactly improving (get ready for the aliens). Others warned July to "come in, sit down, don't touch anything and keep your mouth shut."

But, you know, there's always next year.