McDonald's Szechuan Sauce is coming back, but it might be a trap

Seriously McD's, stop toying with us. Either release The Sauce, or don't.

Caitlin Petrakovitz Director of audience
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Caitlin Petrakovitz

In a really predictable turn of events, McDonald's is capitalizing on the madness of "Rick & Morty" and Szechuan Sauce and maybe, kind of, sort of, might release the sauce wide for the first time in years. (If you're confused why this sauce has a cult following, here's some background on how Adult Swim made the 1998 Mulan tie-in sauce the Holy Grail of its show.)

OK, so, it's tied to promotion for a podcast. And yes, it's still completely unclear when or even if you and I will truly get a chance to try the famed (fabled? I mean, can anyone confirm it even actually exists at this point?) sauce. 

The sauce was re-released in October to some seriously angry fans, and after the madness that ensued, Mickey D's said it would bring back the Szechuan

Still unknown: The state of a "Rick & Morty" fourth season -- while we're dreaming of things, maybe they'll release that news Feb. 22 as well.