Ikea shares instructions for building comfy homemade forts and tents

Ikea shows how to build fun structures out of pillows, blankets and furniture.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton
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Ikea House


You may not want to deal with putting together an Ikea bookcase or dining room table right now, but how about a comfy fort that exudes Ikea's love for simple design? 

Ikea Russia released six designs on for easy-to-build kids' forts and dens using blankets, pillows, bed sheets and existing furniture. The six forts include the Fortress, Wigwam, Castle, Cave, Campingtent and House.


Ikea Fortress


Each design mimics the visual guides of a traditional Ikea black and white instruction manual showing a list of items you'll need to create the fort, as well as a drawing of the final result.

Build the Fortress using a sofa bed, blankets, pillows and clothes pins. Or perhaps the classic House den will be the hideout of choice? It uses a large blanket overing a table.


Ikea Campingtent


Then there's the Campingten design that looks just like the kind of tent you'd pitch in the woods after a long day of hiking. Just drape a blanket over a clothes rack. It also suggests you hang a cute octopus light inside. 


Ikea Cave


There's also the Cave fort that has a blanket partially covering the back of a chair. 


Ikea Wigwam


The traditional Wigwam teepee would not only make for a fun fort, but also provides more of an on-trend design element for your living room. 


Ikea Castle


Lastly, there's the more complicated Castle design. This uses four kitchen chairs, a coat stand, blankets and festive holiday lights. 

Regardless of which design you go for, this is a fun activity for both adults and kids to try for a much-needed distraction during coronavirus lockdown. And you don't even need one those small L-shaped wrenches to put these things together.