I would totally wear Citroen's weird motion-sickness glasses

I don't care what I look like. I just don't want to feel sick.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Weird but hopefully wonderful.


Cars, boats, planes, carnival rides, Resident Evil 4, Bourne movies, NYPD Blue. That's a short list of things that trigger my motion sickness. I would try anything to make it go away, including Citroen's new Seetroen glasses.

I know what you're saying. They look goofy. They look strange. They're a fashion faux pas. I don't care. I just don't want to turn green in the face and go running for the closest bathroom every time my eyes don't agree with my inner ear.

The advertising video that the French car maker published last week for Seetroen glasses makes them sound like a dream to me:

The glasses were developed by French company Boarding Ring and promise to eliminate your motion sickness symptoms within about 10 minutes of putting them on. 

The four rings of the glasses contain liquid that simulates the horizon. You wear them and then stare at a book or phone to re-sync your system. Supposedly you can take the glasses off once you're feeling better.

The glasses are available from Citroen's lifestyle shop, though they're currently listed as out of stock. The Boarding Ring site also has the glasses available for preorder at a price of around $80 (£60, AU$107) with an expected shipping date of December.

I've tried everything from ginger pills to wristbands and usually end up taking medicine that makes me drowsy. I avoid airplanes and the back seats of cars. There are certain video games I can't play. 

I have a recurring dream that I'm on a cruise ship, walking the decks, feeling fine, feeling normal. I always remark to myself in my dream about how happy I am to have conquered my motion sickness. God, I love those dreams.

It's wonderful to imagine a better world where I can read a book in the car or go on a transatlantic journey without first stocking up on meclizine. I would gladly wear glasses that look 10 times goofier than Seetroen. Fashion be damned.

Citroen didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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