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I watched a Big Mac soar to the edge of space, and I don't regret it

Not sure why I watched the whole thing, but that burger had one spectacular view.

I'm usually way too impatient for YouTuber stunts, but I have to admit I watched every silly minute of this one. Brit Tom Stanniland, who uses the name Killem on his channel, bought and sent a Big Mac into to the outer reaches of the atmosphere and then took a very dry, gross bite of it.

Killem rigged up a wacky contraption involving a GoPro camera and a weather balloon and somehow managed to glue and zip-tie the unwrapped burger into place. The Big Mac had an amazing view from approximately 24 miles (39 kilometers) up in the air before landing at the training grounds of British soccer team (OK, OK, "football") Colchester United, confusing the heck out of the club's groundskeeper. There was something very British and charming about the landing spot that somehow helped this whole stunt score a goal with this American.

Stanniland wasn't the first to think of a similar idea. In 2012, some Harvard University students sent a burger -- though not a Big Mac -- toward space.

And in 2015, a pretty pink sprinkled doughnut made the trip. Last year, garlic bread got the nod.

Posted Thursday, Stanniland's spacy little experiment had 230,000 views by Friday afternoon. He ended the event by taking a bite out of the space burger, which looked to be about as dry and appetizing as that astronaut ice cream they sell at museums. Which makes me think: What's for dessert? Maybe a Mars bar.