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Trending now: Slow-mo destruction and working through sadness

Every week I sift through trending videos on YouTube to bring you stuff to watch so you can kill some time and maybe learn something in the process.

As I've said over the past several weeks, you never know what cool stuff you'll find by checking out what's trending on YouTube. Sure, you already know you can find just about anything that springs to mind with a simple search, but there's always unique and original content hidden among the usual music, politics, sports and how-to videos.

This week I've got a great collection of interesting stuff you should check out, but it doesn't follow any specific theme. These are just the videos that stood out to me from the pack because you get to learn something cool or because they're just plain interesting.

To start off, I've featured The Slow Mo Guys before because they're always up to something cool, but this time they team up with the Blue Man Group to do a number of colorful slow motion shots:

Next, do you drink tea? Even if you don't, this TED-Ed video tells you the interesting and surprising history of tea throughout the ages:

Everyone knows you can't be happy 100 percent of the time. In fact, according to this interesting video from the School of Life channel, if you see someone who is, there might be a bigger problem:

Finally, the guys from Dude Perfect are at it again with the impossible tricks, but this time they've got giant basketballs and you won't believe some of the shots they make. I imagine most of these required several takes each, but you have to love how excited they get when they finally make a shot: