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Help name this disgusting 140-ton sewer fatberg

Fatberg McFatbergface? A hideous monster lump of oil, fat and baby wipes is clogging up the London sewers, and it needs a fitting name.

What do you do when you find a totally gross 140-ton (130-tonne) fatberg -- a horrifying mix of fat, oil, diapers and baby wipes -- clogging up the London sewers? You give it an affectionate nickname. 

Utility company Thames Water is asking for the public's help in naming one of the largest fatbergs ever discovered:

Thames Water is still in the process of removing the massive lump. As of Wednesday, it had pulled out around 44 tons of material with nearly 100 tons left to go. The fatberg is located in the Whitechapel area of London.

Twitter users are offering up some naming suggestions. "Doctor Who" fans will recognize "Adipose" as a reference to some oddly cute blobs of fat that threatened Earth. Other ideas include "The Blob," "IT" and "Brenda."  And, naturally, someone suggested "Fatberg McFatface."

Fatbergs are created by residents and businesses flushing and pouring things they're not supposed to down the drain, like cooking oils and wipes. Back in 2013, Thames Water faced its biggest fatberg ever recorded in Britain, a bus-sized 15-ton glob. This latest fatberg blows that one out of the sewer. Thames Water notes the current monster is heavier than four humpback whales.

The Museum of London would like to get its hands on a chunk of the fatberg for its collection, calling it "a stark reminder of what we waste."

If you're particularly squeamish, you may want to skip the Thames Water video "walking tour" of the fatberg, which also stars a rather large rat:

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