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Heinz starts petition to make hot dogs and buns come in equal packs

Mismatch is "still one of the stupidest things on earth," says one person who signed the online petition.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Food waste is more and more of a known issue, with American consumers wasting nearly 40% of the food they buy, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Why, then, are hot-dog makers and hot-dog-bun bakers not doing their part?

Hot dogs, Heinz Ketchup Canada says in a new video, often come in packs of 10, while hot-dog buns regularly come in groups of eight. (I might argue their numbers. I don't always see 10/8 groupings, but there's no denying they never seem to match up.) 

Why can't Big Bun and Big Dog get together on this? Steve Martin's character in the 1991 film Father of the Bride made this point 30 years ago, with different numbers. 

"I want to buy eight hot dogs and eight hot dog buns to go with them," Martin's character said while tearing buns out of a package at the supermarket. "But no one sells eight hot dog buns. They only sell 12 hot dog buns. So I end up paying for four buns I don't need. So I am removing the superfluous buns." 

Now, Heinz Ketchup Canada is getting involved in this decades-long struggle.

In addition to the video, the company posted an online petition urging "Big Bun" and "Big Wiener" (!) to get together and put 10 hot dogs in a package and 10 buns in a package.

As of Wednesday morning, just over 5,700 people had signed, and their comments show the issue has bugged a lot of hot-dog eaters for a lot of years.

"100% in for this," wrote one petition signer. "It has been so annoying running out of buns over the years. Then to resort to bread slices in a pinch. Just isn't the same."

Said another, "I agree -- still one of the stupidest things on earth! At least give more buns than hot dogs -- grilled buns with a bit of garlic butter are great for garlic bread!"

Heinz, of course, makes neither hot dogs nor buns, but ketchup, a condiment many people use on hot dogs and many  think should never come anywhere near a hot dog. In fact, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council just came out to say "only children should eat their hot dogs with ketchup." 

Maybe a new petition is on the grill?