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Halloween Google Doodle scares up interactive creature feature

Knock on any door for a trick and a treat.

Come in -- if you dare.

It's that time of year again to go trick or treating... with Google. And this year the search site has a haunting creature-feature Doodle that hides some of the animals that freak us out the most.

Google Doodles have been around for as long as Google has, altering the company's logo to highlight notable people, events, holidays and anniversaries. Google has also traditionally dressed up its Doodle to celebrate Halloween, including games that feature an adorable black cat with magic powers and a Great Ghoul Duel that lets teams of players collect wandering spirit flames.

With creepy carousel music heightening your suspense, this year's interactive Halloween neighborhood presents a series of doors, behind which lurk fearsome beasts. To see them, you need only knock... err, click on the door. The animals you'll encounter include a bat, a tarantula and even an octopus.

After your host's door opens, you'll have the option of getting either a treat or a trick (or both) from the creature inside. The tricks, as they should be, are fun (no spoilers here). The treats include sweet little factoids about your new friend.

Clicking on the home button in the upper left corner will take you back to the neighborhood. Be sure to check out all the doors and other hidden treats around the Doodle.

If you knock on all the doors, Google has a treat to reward your journey. Enjoy your monster mash(-up)!

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