Watch a great white shark interrupt police in Australia

South Australian police were doing a regular patrol when they ran into a great white shark.

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The great white shark was apparently almost five metres long.

South Australian Police

No big deal. South Australian police were just doing the rounds at Tapley Shoal, 9 nautical miles east of Edithburgh, when a great white shark decided to swim past. 

That's not terrifying at all. Everything's fine here.

Police launch Investigator 2 had a close encounter with a Great White shark today while patrolling at Tapley Shoal, about 9 nautical miles east of Edithburgh. Police were concentrating on recreational boats and checking registration, licences and safety equipment along with alcohol and drug testing operators when they were paid a visit by one of the locals. 30 boats were checked and pleasingly, no operators tested positive to drugs or alcohol and only a few minor breaches for safety equipment were found. Noah wasn't keen on being breath tested and our Water Operations Unit officers were happy to oblige!

Posted by SA Police News on Friday, March 30, 2018

The police were on the lookout for recreational boats, checking registrations and drug testing operations. Just normal police work. They certainly didn't expect to run into a shark almost as big as the boat itself.

The boat, Police Launch Investigator 2, measures in at 5.7 metres (18 feet). In an interview with ABC Radio Adelaide, Mark Oaks, who was fishing nearby, estimated that the shark was roughly "4.5- to 5-metres long" (14.7- to 16.4-feet long).

No thanks.