Government safety video features Thanksgiving turkey-fryer terror

Watch a holiday bird go up in flames in this cautionary tale from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Amanda Kooser
Amanda Kooser
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Firefighters battle the turkey-fryer fire.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Every year, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission celebrates the holidays by showing us all the ways our festive preparations can literally go up in smoke. The CPSC shared its 2019 safety videos on Friday and one of them shows what happens if you overfill your turkey fryer and then try to use it indoors.

You might guess where this video is going: into a world of turkey-fueled hellfire and brimstone.

The video shows a turkey being lowered into a fryer inside a makeshift garage. The fryer erupts into a fountain of flames. Two brave firefighters battle the horrifying blaze. 

The CPSC's holiday buzzkill approach has a purpose. It's to promote safe cooking and holiday decoration practices.

"Fry your turkey outside and away from your home -- not inside your garage or on your porch," the CPSC warned. "Do not overfill the oil in the turkey fryer." The agency said there have been 218 fires or scald/burn incidents involving turkey fryers over the last two decades.

In case you were wondering how the demonstration turkey fared, it's pretty safe to assume it wasn't edible. This video just might convince you to stick with the oven method this Thanksgiving. Or maybe just fast that day instead.

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