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Goose the cat from Captain Marvel inspires adorable meme trend

Make your cat Captain Marvel's heroic feline sidekick … at least on Twitter.

Could Goose the cat be the real star of Captain Marvel?
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Who didn't fall in love with Goose the cat in Captain Marvel? After the movie premiered on Friday, Carol Danvers' cat, Goose, received an outpouring of love on social media. The feline's popularity even extended into the merch line with keychains, stuffed toys and T-shirts.

In Korea, fans are turning their own furry companions into Marvel heroes in a new photoshop trend. On Sunday, however, the fun went global.

Under a Korean hashtag, which roughly translates to "Captain Marvel My Home Goose," the images are sweeping the internet. They feature people's furry pals in front of a red and blue background with Captain Marvel's insignia across the bottom. Here are a few:

Captain Marvel stands apart as the first Marvel movie with a female lead, but the late Stan Lee included fearsome women in many of his creations. CBS Interactive, which owns CNET, is celebrating the release of Captain Marvel and all of International Women's Month by highlighting the powerful women of Marvel movies and shows

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