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Google Doodle gives us love bugs for Valentine's Day

This year's annual tribute to love wriggles, chomps and spins webs into your heart.

This Doodle might worm its way into your heart.

On the prospect of falling in love, American songwriter and composer Cole Porter once reasoned, in one of his more famous songs, "Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. Let's do it. Let's fall in love."

Perhaps Google, which has recently shown affection for the animal kingdom on Valentine's Day, had Porter's sage words in mind when it designed its annual tribute to love. Last year, Google gave us the story of a pair of figure-skating grebes in love, and the year before we played an interactive video game featuring two lovestruck pangolins, scaly mammals native to Asia and Africa that look like a cross between armadillos and anteaters.

Thursday's animated Doodle taps a species that may make many of you more antsy than a first kiss.

As Google points out, love comes in all shapes and sizes, and so does the romantic ritual of courtship. The subjects of the Doodle's dance of love partner on wriggling, chomping a leaf and spinning a web to form their own heart -- the symbol of their eternal devotion to each other.

So, whatever form love takes in your life, happy Valentine's Day!